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Patrick Magee FX About the artist

Patrick sculpting OhMah for Primal Rage

Patrick Magee was born in 1976. By the time he was 7 his love of movies was instilled. He saw An American Werewolf in London, and became fascinated with monster movies. Specifically movies where the monster felt real. Not long after he saw An American Werewolf in London, he saw The Making of Thriller. After watching Rick Baker making up Michael Jackson, and he instantly knew what he was going to do with his life. Patrick moved to Los Angeles, after playing college basketball, and began his career in special makeup effects. He worked for a variety of special effects shops including Screaming Mad George, Stan Winston's Studios, and Studio ADI before moving on, and starting his own business, Magee FX. He has worked on a variety of commercials, music videos, television shows, live events, and feature films. Patrick even had the opportunity to work for Rick Baker on his last big film, Men in Black 3, while still running  Magee FX. 

While Magee FX continues to acquire a variety of jobs and grow, Patrick enjoys orchestrating a team of artist specializing in: makeup,  mechanics, hair, paint, sculpting, fabrication, mold making and all of the  elements that go into producing quality special effects and fine art pieces for a variety of settings.  

Patrick wanting to showcase what he could do, decided he was ready to make a practical effects film, a creature feature. Knowing that he could execute great makeup effects, and build the ultimate Bigfoot suit, with years of notes, Patrick collaborated  with writer-director Jay Lee,  and the two of them developed the story Primal Rage.

Patrick is currently in development on his second feature film. 

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